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«NORD MEDICAL» specializes in providing high-quality laboratory equipment for a wide range of scientific and research fields. Our product range includes everything necessary for the efficient operation of laboratories and pharmaceutical research.

Our company strictly follows high standards in handling pharmaceutical and other waste by collaborating with "ECOLOGY V.K.G." LLC. All types of waste, including expired, damaged, or unused medications, are rigorously directed to a specialized facility for disposal in accordance with licensing requirements. We pay special attention to the selection of disposal methods, focusing on their effectiveness from both environmental and human health safety perspectives.

In the near future, we plan to launch the production of pharmaceuticals in accordance with high GMP standards, as well as establish laboratories in three areas: physical, chemical, and microbiological. These laboratories will be equipped with specialized equipment and tools to ensure the high-quality execution of work and the achievement of goals in scientific research. Moving forward, we aim to provide opportunities for conducting high-precision analyses.

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• Chemical laboratories are innovative scientific centers where chemical analyses are conducted for the purpose of developing and improving medicinal drugs. In these laboratories, active components are synthesized and studied, and their physicochemical properties are analyzed using advanced methods and equipment. The main task of such laboratories is to ensure the safety of medicinal drugs, optimize their formulas, and ensure their stability and effectiveness.

• Microbiological laboratories study microorganisms of various types, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and simple organisms. Their research is an integral part of the process of developing new medicinal drugs, antibiotics, and vaccines.

• Physical laboratories are involved in quality control of medicinal drugs and their ingredients. They conduct tests to ensure that the drugs are safe, stable, and meet standards.

We aim to be your reliable partner, offering only the most advanced technologies and products that have undergone strict quality checks and comply with all international safety and certification standards.

Our assortiment includes
Our assortiment includes

• Chromatographs: gas chromatographs (GC), high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) for analyzing the composition and purity of medicinal drugs, along with their components and consumables.

• Pharmaceutical parts and consumables: pumps, valves, columns, injectors, labels, test tubes, etc.

• Auxiliary substances and pharmaceutical raw materials.

• Chemical reagents.

• Standard samples, encompassing pure active substances, impurities, auxiliary substances, and other components necessary for quality control of medicinal drugs: Timolol Maleate Standard, Diethylamine Standard, Benzene Standard, Bisoprolol Fumarate Standard, etc


Our company has a pharmaceutical warehouse with a total area of 832 square meters. The warehouse is equipped with a specialized refrigerator and advanced security and control systems, ensuring ideal conditions for storing your pharmaceutical raw materials. The temperature in the refrigerator is maintained in the range of +2°C to +8°C, providing optimal conditions for preserving the stability and quality of the raw materials.

The warehouse is equipped with high-tech racks designed for storing pharmaceutical goods and related materials, adhering to the strictest safety and hygiene standards. The racks are developed with special requirements for storing medical products and materials in mind, ensuring optimal use of space, convenient access, and compliance with safety and sanitary norms.

We are ready to provide you with high-quality storage services for your pharmaceutical raw materials. Our qualified staff ensures that your raw materials meet strict quality and safety standards during storage.